Just Starting This Business

Currently looking for at least 4 experienced pet groomers

At least 2 full time groomers

2 other part time or full time groomers

One full time groomer will be hired on as manager.

All groomers will be an independent contractor and will get a percentage of their business transactions.  The managing groomer will get a higher take home percentage.

Each groomer will be responsible for getting a business license and possible extra insurance.  Groomers will get a 1099 for tax purposes.

Each groomer will responsible for their own grooming equipment such as clippers, nail trimmers and scissors.


The business will provide the building to include electric, plumbing, build out of site and taxes as applicable.  Utilities such as electric, water and phone/internet will be included.  The business will carry insurance on the building.

Please send resume and the following to flyingfurpetsalon@gmail.com

1.  Resume and work experience

2. List of equipment that you will bring

3.  Please state if you have a working current client list.  Provide approximate numbers of client you have on a monthly or quarterly basis.

NOTE:  No personal information will shared with anyone or current employer.

We are not looking take your cliental.  We just want to know if you have a working client basis.

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